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HELLO AND WELCOME TO MY BIO! My name's Adria, and I am the owner and stylist behind Out Of Line Color at BANG PIKE! :)

     I've always been kind of an odd duck. I was very heavy into the emo/scene era of the 2000s, and have ALWAYS loved anything colorful. When I was a kid, there was a point where if it wasn't rainbow, animal print, or Lisa Frank, I DIDN'T WANT IT. Actually... I can admit that all of this has definitely followed me into adulthood to some degree.

     Speaking of my childhood, let's start here: I first colored my hair when I was about six years old. My mom had some wine red box color that she was going to put on the underside of her naturally blonde hair, and of course, I wanted to get in on that action! My mom agreed, and we decided to put some streaks in my hair with the color that she had leftover.

WELL, that "wine red" was done processing and it was time to rinse out. After we dried our hair, we discovered that it somehow had turned fuchsia. My mom was less than enthused, but I was absolutely THRILLED! Thus, my love of fashion color was born. And guess what? I really haven't had a full head of my natural color since. 

     I had help a few times when I was younger, but I've been coloring my own hair for as long as I can remember - it has been every color of the rainbow and then some. I've always been the go-to person for help to color a friends' hair, but for some reason, I didn't get my start in the field until a few years ago. I guess it finally clicked and I said to myself, "OHHH, I should probably do this for a living... legally."

     Now, I work in a vibrant and comfortable space, where everyone has the freedom to be whoever they want without any judgment whatsoever. I'm LGBTQIA+, and am 100% an open book. I also have ADHD, so you already know that I love to talk about anything and everything that piques your interest. On the other hand, if you want a quiet session so you can sip one or two of the many complimentary beverages that we offer at BANG PIKE while you work on your laptop? That's fine, too! I'm just as good at zoning into my profession and letting the creativity flow silently.

     I truly value the bonds I build with everyone who sits in my chair, and I look forward to creating something new, fun, and unique every single day.

     That all being said,  I am a colorful, adventurous, and Out Of Line person; legally certified to glorify your mane and help you look as fabulous on the outside as you feel on the inside! <3

     Thank you so much for reading! I'm excited to kick back and get to know a bit about you at your next appointment!! :)



(These are from my old website. For more reviews, check out my Google Business page!)

"Adria is amazing! She is so incredibly talented! I am so impressed by her care, communication, knowledge, talent, and respect. I wanted as much length to remain and oil slick color. I have cut (and donated) my hair many times before and this was the first time doing hair for myself. She respected that I wanted as much length to stay and still have style to it. Her coloring is gorgeous. I've only shown photos and video to family and friends, but everyone is impressed."



"I walked in with sad, damaged, overly grown out hair & walked out the baddest b with vivid rainbows and healthy hair! Cannot recommend Out of Line Color/Adria enough!!"



"Adria did an amazing job on my unruly, curly hair with both cut and color. Love my new hair!"



"Warm and welcoming! Thanks for making me feel pretty!"


☆☆☆☆☆ 11.23.2022, HAIRCUT

"I can't wipe the smile off my face, my hair looks SO good! Adria is fun, kind, and skilled in her craft. 10/10!"



"Adria was amazing! Gave me great suggestions for my hair cut. Definitely will be booking with her again"


☆☆☆☆☆ 10.04.2022, HAIRCUT

"Adria is AMAZING. I let her do whatever she wanted and was not disappointed. I, literally, am getting compliments every couple of minutes when I go in public. Her skills are incredible, and her passion is palpable. I have never talked to someone that was able to (or cared to) explain how bleaching/coloring worked and the details that go into it before today. She's SO passionate about what she does, and it shows. She's also just a genuinely likable, fun person. I can't recommend her enough."



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